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The Bath Towel – An Essential Travel Companion

If you have followed Creative Women long enough, you are no stranger to the versatility or our bath towel (or fouta). Often used as a scarf, sarong, small blanket, or personal beach towel, the possibilities are seemingly endless. But one of our favorite uses for this particular piece is as a travel towel. Our Creative Director brought one along on her last trip and documented her thoughts along the way:

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Easter Giveaway!

Easter is a special time of year signaling new beginnings, rejuvenation, and the first joyful signs of Spring. As we celebrate the occasion with light-hearted gifts and fun-filled activities, let's also reflect on how and where those cute chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs were made.

7 Reasons Why - A Guide to the Flat-weave Towel

Have you heard the buzz? Why are these new towels so popular? In recent years, the fouta, or flat-weave towel, has become a beloved home and lifestyle essential. But why are so many people leaving terry cloth behind? Let's talk about it.

New Collection | Handwoven Natural Fiber Baskets

In keeping with our mission, and as the result of our deep desire to curate beautiful pieces from an array of talented artisans, we proudly introduce Creative Women's newest collection. Our handwoven natural fiber sisal baskets!

A Guide for the Ethical Bride

Beauty need not combat sustainable living, for in pure and fair practices, therein lies the truest of beauties - the life giving honorable work of human hands. [A Guide for the Ethical Bride]

The People Matter: Fashion Revolution 2017

Each year, on April 24th, communities from around the world unite to bring awareness to a movement that seeks to make fashion a "force for good" – The Fashion Revolution

Entering the Fair Trade Market

Fair trade is no longer a breaking headline; an unknown practice just surfacing in the market. In a society saturated with media and advertisement, it has become a beacon of meaning and purpose.